Creative Industries Showcase

The Creative Industries Showcase is an annual event from New College Lanarkshire which presents the end of term work from Photography, CADD, Computer Animation and Architectural Design. 

Each year the Creative Industries department prefers a different design presentation from the year before, so my challenge was simply to design a fresh look and feel for the brochure, poster and advertising.

The Design

I wanted to highlight the imagery of each individual course, as the full point of this event is for the students to display their hard years’ work to their family and friends. This had to be a priority. 

The small triangles allowed me to reveal a quick preview of each piece of work without revealing the entire piece, and to get as many students’ showcased as possible.

A New Look

Although this event is in association with New College Lanarkshire, the departments like to have this event as their own separate identity. Therefore, I have changed the colours and feel from the usual college branding to something a bit different. The only thing I kept included to tie this with NCL was the typography. 

Overall, the primary goal here to was to showcase the work of the students by using powerful use of imagery throughout the entire campaign. I maximised within the brochure design, which would act as a small window into a much bigger event in the night.

Creative Industries Showcase Cover
Creative Industries Showcase Images
Creative Industries Showcase Text
Creative Industries Showcase Text