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And Happy New Year!

As 2020 is upon us I really wanted to get myself off to a good start by creating a list of design work that I could instantly dive into for the new year. One of the areas I wanted to tackle was to create my very own digital products that I could hopefully sell online at some point in the future. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.

I landed on an unused logo I was creating for an Investment company that ended up going nowhere, so I thought it would be a good idea to further flesh out this design into a fully realised digital product.

In the end I ended up creating a logo, business cards and a 14-page Investment brochure that could be used as a template for Adobe InDesign.

This was a pretty fun process and not as difficult as I imaged it to be, but now the question is…how do I get sales?

Of course, the one place to sell your online products would have to be Creative Market. I thought it would be a simple measure of opening an account, getting your profuct online and start selling…well, I was wrong.

It turns out you need to apply on their website, then answer a few questions about your design products and why you would want to join them. Then you have to wait a few days to find out if you are successful in applyinh.

As I didn’t have any previous products to sell, I was kindly told I couldn’t open an account at the moment until I had a track record of products that I had successfully sold. I found this pretty strange as this is the place you come to actually sell digital products in the first place, but perhaps this has been normal for a while now?

Here’s the email I received back from Creative Market ifanyone is interested just in case you are applying yourself –

Creative Market Email

Undeterred I continued to look around the net and found Gumroad. Now, this was more like it!

I simply uploaded my products with a description and some pictures of what I would be selling, then set a price range and I was on my way. This was a very simple and easy set up in all honesty.

Now, I must get onto the marketing aspect of this venture and try to sell some of these works online, this will be the challenging aspect of creating digital products I imagine.

Here is a link to my Gumroad account if you fancy taking a quick look of what I have created so far. Images of what I created are below also.

Does anybody out there have any experience with selling online digital products?

If so, do you have any tips or tricks for me as I am just getting started and the help would be greatly appreciated.

I will keep updating this blog as I set out on this new little venture.

Thanks for reading,

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City Ventures Brochure Inside
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