USADA Logo Redesign


To keep my portfolio fresh and able to share new projects I thought I would try an exercise after buying the The Futur  Logo Design and Typography courses and re-brand the current USADA logo (US Anti-doping Agency).Why USADA you ask? Well as a massive fan of Mixed Martial Arts I was watching a UFC event and there was a tonne of controversy around one of their top fighters and this is when I came across the company’s logo.

Old USADA Logo

Old Logo

This logo was created on Sept 1st 2005 and had the following info about it on their website –

“The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) introduced a new logo today to better reflect its commitment to protect the rights of clean athletes and drug-free competition.

The red, white and blue coloring and the stars and stripes in the new mark symbolize USADA’s position as the independent, anti-doping agency for the United States Olympic and Paralympic Movement.  The mark also represents USADA’s dedication to fair play, a fair process and a level playing field. The words “integrity, health, and sport” serve as a reminder of USADA’s mission  – to preserve the well-being of Olympic Sport, the integrity of competition, and ensuring the health of athletes.

The new logo was developed by USADA and APEX Communications of Colorado Springs, Colo.

USADA is responsible for the testing and results management process for athletes in the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement.  USADA is equally dedicated to preserving the integrity of sport through research initiatives and educational programs.”


American Made

I didn’t want to get away from the original idea of the logo too much and intended to keep the American feel and colour theme so I started exploring some various ideas but sticking close to the original theme.

I just wanted to freshen up their current websiteto bring it in line with the logo

I began by using various logo elements, such as the grey swoosh and incorporate it into the new design. It looked OK but it felt a little out of place to me and didn’t have much meaning behind it. I also tried to incorporate the two thick red block lines by making them the ‘S’ in USADA and having it appear abstract within the logo, however it wasn’t legible to various people I tested this out on and decided against this idea.

Logo Ideas

USADA Logo Ideas
USADA Logo Ideas
USADA Logo ideas
USADA Logo Ideas

New Logo

I just decided to use a strong typeface with the American colours instead of trying to be overly fancy. I went with Futura Extra Black as the typeface which is a strong, bold and modern font that encapsulates what USADA is about as a company. The only icon elements I decided to use were the stars, which became the counters in the letter ‘A’ which reinforced USADA’s position as the independent agency for the US Olympics and Paralympic movement.

USADA Final Logo
USADA T-shirt Design

Time to KO that website

After the final logo I created some mock-ups to showcase what the new logo would look like on a number of different materials such as T-shirts and a website. I just wanted to freshen up their current website to bring it in line with the logo I created. Here are the results.

USADA Website Design