Win Without Pitching Manifesto Review

Picking up the Win Without Pitching Manifesto came at the perfect time for me as I try to get my shit together and create a freelance design business.

This little gem is packed with essential information that allows creatives to change the way they present their current propositions and pitches to prospective clients. Creatives give a lot of their ideas and thinking away for free and this is something I personally have never thought about before, but it absolutely makes sense. There is a lot of time spent creating pitches to propose to potential clientsifferentiate ourselves from the normal creative process and make us stand put to our clients and even other creative agencies.

Blair is trying to get us to think differently and go outside what would usually be the ‘norm’ for how creatives pitch their ideas to clients. He does this in such a way that we, as creatives, lead these proposals as equals in the relationship. It’s a balance of power which is usually pretty one sided in most cases.

He also emphasizes the point in finding a specialty subject and going as deep as possible to master it. This stood out to me as a Graphic Designer as I tend to be a jack of all trades but master of none when it comes to designing in my current job.

Through watching various Futur videos I found myself wracking my brain to find what I truly wanted to specialize in and reading this book just emphasized how important this might be, especially as I start my own freelancing journey.  

We must choose a focus.

The timing was perfect as I recently started using a program called Webflow, which I can’t get enough of right now, so with the advice from Blair I'm now fully committing myself to pick this as my specialty subject. It will allow me to continue to design as freely as I wish while learning this new program and hopefully create some beautiful website for other businesses – which is something I've always wanted to get into.

There is a reason this book is so well regarded in the design world, it’s a pocket bible of useful information for us, so make sure you grab yourself a copy as soon as possible because it is essential reading. Now to get my ass in gear and practice what Blair Enns preaches.

You can pick up this must read book from Blair Enns website here.

The revolution we must fight is within